Sea Cargo Consolidation ( LCL)

We have the only loose cargo load service with departures twice a week.

Departures every Tuesdays and Fridays allow our clients to lower the cost of freight from Miami to Panama in addition to receiving their cargo in less than a week.

Once the container is in port, we carry out all the procedures necessary for its transport to the in bond warehouse. We then proceed to unload and enter the information into the SICE system to deconsolidate the bills and customs clearances whichever the case may be.

Full Container Loads FCL)

We have a cargo consolidation service and full container loads for individual clients. We work with various shipping companies in order to offer the best service, rates and itineraries covering your most stringent needs.

Our technology allows us to monitor the location of each of the packages loaded into the containers through our tracking and barcode system.

This service is offered from our warehouses in Miami and Panama.

Thanks to our global network of agents we are also able to offer this service from almost any part of the world.