Full Container Loads (FCL)

We have a cargo consolidation service and full container loads for individual clients. We work with various shipping companies in order to offer the best service, rates and itineraries covering your most stringent needs.

Our technology allows us to monitor the location of each of the packages loaded into the containers through our tracking and barcode system.

This service is offered from our warehouses in Miami and Panama.

Thanks to our global network of agents we are also able to offer this service from almost any part of the world.



XCC has 2 high capacity warehouses, managed and operated by our highly qualified personnel, one of the warehouses in located in Miami a few minutes from Miami International Airport and the ports.

The second warehouse is located in Panama, a Bonded warehouse where cargo is received directly from the ports and airport, making the delivery of merchandise to our clients faster and saving them time in customs procedures. Both warehouses have advanced security equipment which is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

With these installations XCC Logistics is able to guarantee its clients security and reliable handling for their cargo.



Cargo Insurance

The purpose of cargo insurance is to protect the financial interests of our clients while the cargo is exposed to transport risks.

Air and sea shippers provide limited coverage while the cargo is in their possession, for this reason XCC Logistics is concerned with having your cargo reach you in the best of conditions, offering full insurance according to your needs, once the cargo is in our hands.

For all these companies providing transport services be it by sea or air, if the cargo is not insured through an insurance carrier, the liability in case of damage or loss is at most USD100.00, as is established by the Warsaw Pact in the case of airlines and USD500.00 according to the United States Carriage of Goods by Sea Act for the case of shipping companies.


International Courier

We offer door to door delivery service to the United States and other parts of the world quickly and with highly competitive rates in the market.

We pick up your deliveries on time at your home or office, depending upon your request, so your packages arrive safely and on time at their destination.


Inland Freight

Our pool of vehicles both in Panama as well as in Miami is fully equipped with mobile phones and a modern system of GPS; this allows us to keep in constant communication with our units without loosing a single minute of valuable delivery time.

In addition to this it is an important tool for the safety of your cargo.

In Panama, we offer inland service freight from our bond or from the Tocumen Cargo Terminal to your warehouse wherever it may be located.

XCC also provides this inland service in Miami, picking up your cargo from the address of your shipper to our warehouses located in Doral Commercial Park, where it is received and processed to be sent to its final destination.